R&D and Quality Assurance

“Research is creating new knowledge” - Neil Armstrong

  • Research & Development – new product design and development is often crucial to the success and survival of a company and is considered to be a core part of the modern business world. This is becoming ever more important as access to competitive product information becomes easier and more rapid, and the products themselves become simpler to buy in a quickly evolving and expanding global marketplace.
  • Quality Assurance – in addition to an increasing demand for new and evolving products, the world has also witnessed a requirement to improve the quality of products produced, led by higher customer expectations and more stringent legal requirement and regulations. A quality management approach is therefore essential to improving the quality and performance of an organization in order to meet the customer’s expectations. To achieve this, quality systems and processes must be implemented and maintained in the organization. These include, amongst others, Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Quality Improvement.

At Huxley Supply Chain we have been working with our clients across a range of sectors since 2005, making sure that they have the very best R&D and Quality Assurance specialists on their teams, thereby keeping them one step ahead of their competitors, both in terms of innovation and customer satisfaction.

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