“The Chemical Industry - a catalyst to a brighter future”

The chemical industry is a significant driver of The Netherlands and Belgian economies, employing more than 150,000 people generating combined revenues in excess of €120m annually. 19 of the world’s largest 25 chemical companies have operations in The Netherlands, predominantly located in the South of The Netherlands due to the regions advantageous demographic location and the ease of transportation of vital raw materials. These link well with the “Belgian Cluster”, centred in and around the port of Antwerp, where 11 of the top-15 global chemicals groups are represented. The share of the chemical industry in the overall Belgian economy is twice the average size in the European Union and, when combined with the Chemical industry in The Netherlands, is obviously a major source of economic influence across the entire region.

The chemical industry is highly diversified and consists of companies converting raw materials into a vast array of products including base chemicals, pharmaceutical products, synthetic fibres, paints and enamels, soaps, detergents and cleaning products and agrochemicals.

Industry watchers expect a tremendous restructure in global demand in the chemical industry with forces such as an ageing and growing population, urbanization and resource scarcity putting a huge strain on attracting young professionals to meet the ever increasing demand. In The Netherlands it’s estimated that we will need approximately 5,000 new scientists, engineers and technologists annually and a total labour shortage of 30,000 is expected between now and 2020. A similar trend is expected in Belgium.

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