“There is no sincerer love than the love of food” George Bernard Shaw

The era of distinction through attractive pricing in the food industry is over, with more and more emphasis placed on quality, safety and sustainability, and increasing regulation and legislation driving prices ever up.

Against this background, the food industry is facing up to the challenges of chronic permanent talent and temporary specialist shortages. The shift from price to quality has caused a rapidly growing need for specialists in the field of quality, health, safety and environment, as well as experts in the field of continuous improvement throughout the whole supply chain. The need for qualified sales and marketing specialists also continues to rise as the need for a strong commercial position against the consolidated Dutch and Belgian retail market increases.

Huxley Supply Chain is working closely with companies in the food sector to respond to this talent challenge. We have extensive knowledge, experience and understanding of the different markets that make up the food industry and a proven track record of success in delivering Supply Chain specialists to our clients operating in this field.

  • The Netherlands has positioned itself as one of the global leaders in the international food export market with approximately €75 billion on export per year. The food industry is responsible for approximately 10% of the Dutch GDP and 20% of total Dutch exports. Furthermore, as the employer of roughly 140,000 people in the Netherlands, the importance of the food industry in the Dutch economy is undeniable.
  • In Belgium the food industry is second only to Chemicals in terms of importance to the economy. The 5223 companies that make up the food industry in Belgium generate more than €46 billion, 2% of Belgium’s total annual GDP.

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