Huxley Belgium Contractors Event

Huxley Belgium is organising a contractor event in June this year.

Keeping good relationships with our consultants has always been key in our business.

Therefore, we invite them on a regular basis to different types of networking events around a fun activity such as golfing, Scuba diving and dinners.

The added value for the consultants is to get to know even better who they are working with in informal environments. It is an opportunity to build a strong relationship for future collaboration.

Also, the consultants will be able to meet Huxley recruitment experts and get informed on current job opportunities with our clients, get market insights and share views and opinion on the current sectors’ trends.

Contractors will also receive tailor made careers advice and guidance.

This year, our contractors will join us for a wine tasting event at one of the most famous winery's in Brussels.

Contractors and Huxley’s staff are really looking forward to meeting up around a nice glass of wine!

Should you wish to know more about our events please contact Kevin Goossens (+32 (0)2 557 71 16).