Trends HR of the Year Event

In May, Huxley Belgium participated in the Trends HR of the year event, at the Event Lounge in the heart of Brussels.

This year, the HR Manager of the Colruyt Group won the award. His qualities in management and his vision of human resources made him a great winner of the evening.

Before the awards, very interesting keynotes were presented. Bart De Bondt, Chief Happiness Officer and ex-CEO ING insurance Belgium, gave a speech about the importance of happiness at work. He explained how, after his job at ING, he wrote this amazing book that led him to become best seller of the year and best management book.

The whole idea is to explain how people can be lot more efficient at work if they are in a pleasant environment and feeling happy. Simple ideas can make great performance. We had the opportunity to talk personally with Bart after the evening and it would be a great idea to invite him to a future Huxley event as well as suggested by our client at the table itself.

Following this, we had a panel debate with famous players from the industry:

  • Dirk Buyens, Professor of Human Resources Management Vlerick Business School
  • Sylvie Lacombe, Partner Tétra Law, specialized in labour and social security law
  • Luc Pirson, Former CHRO Armonea and Compass Group
  • Erwin De Deyn, President of Setca

Theme : juniors versus seniors and the problems linked to seniority.

It was very interesting listening to these people talk about the different challenges that we also face in recruitment such as seniority, personal development, flexible time growing and of course, salary index.

The ceremony was followed by a diner with more than 300 attendees from the industry. As Huxley Belgium is used to attend these kind of events, we booked a table with 6 key clients. It was an opportunity for us to discuss the different topics that were mentioned during the presentations. The idea is always to build long term relationships with our clients and these kind of events are the perfect opportunity to talk about the collaboration and strengthen the partnerships we have.

The event ended with a very interesting networking cocktail where we managed to meet other clients and prospects.

Should you wish to find out more about our events or simply discuss your recruitment needs, please contact Benoit Carlier +32 (0) 25 57 7126