Ship ahoy! Business gets ready to set sail with Huxley Amsterdam!

To celebrate the start of the biggest sailing event of the summer, SAIL2015, Huxley Amsterdam is inviting some of its top clients to sample a life on the ocean wave with a trip back in time to the golden age of sail.

Hosted in the historical commercial port of Amsterdam, business leaders and top management from some of the region’s leading brands will have the opportunity to trade views on what the future holds when they take a boat tour around some of the world’s most famous and stunning tall ships.

Huxley understands how good business is based on building relationships and open communications and they’ll be helping everyone to get a glimpse of what could be over the horizon into what recruitment strategies and recruitment needs clients may have in the future.

Should you have any question about the event or for help with your own recruitment needs please contact Sipke Stapel - +31 (0)20 522 1311